A nurse for the orphan babies

Mini Bathing A Baby

In March 2003 word was received from Sepilok’s Chief Vet saying they had found a suitable candidate for the vacancy of Carer for the very young orphans in the Nursery but the Wildlife Department were unable to provide the funding.

For the very young it is vitally important that they receive constant care and attention. If they still had their mothers they would have her with them 24 hours a day and the new arrivals at the Centre have already been subjected to the trauma of loosing Mum.

So it was agreed that the Appeal would sponsor the Nurse.

Mini was only 17 years old but as she came from a very large family in a near by village, dealing with babies came naturally to her.

Mini was initiated into caring for the orphans in the same way as you would do for a human baby. Feeding bottles of milk, bathing, changing their nappies and making sure they have a clean hammock to sleep in every night. If this was not enough to keep her busy there was still the washing to do, the bottles to sterilise and the progressing youngsters needed to be taken out for fresh air! But as you can see Mini just loves it!