Boxing Orangutans to be returned to Indonesia

Boxing Orangutan

Thanks to the many thousands of Sepilok Orangutan Appeal UKs supporters around the globe, the long and arduous campaign to have the boxing orangutans being held at Safari World in Thailand returned to their Indonesian home has finally ended in triumph.

Safari World is a popular tourist attraction which up until recently illegally held orangutans, which were trained to perform in a boxing ring – complete with outfit and gloves. The Sepilok Orangutan Appeal UK joined forces with Nature Alert in an attempt to stop this abuse and get the Thai Government to agree to these apes being repatriated.

The 53 orangutans will be repatriated within the next 4-8 weeks after having health checks and the logistics of moving such a large number or apes has been finalised.

Those people who took the time and effort to send countless letters, emails and who joined the ‘Born to be Wild’ postcard campaign gave these orangutans a voice. The constant correspondence to the Thai Government and King has really made a big and very important difference to the lives of these creatures. The orangutans are now destined to be given their freedom back, for this the Sepilok Orangutan Appeal UK would like to say a big ‘Thank You’ to you all!