Captives in West Kalimantan

Dr Roger Treating The Wound

(Centre for Orangutan Protection - Kalimantan, Indonesia)

Panjar Aji Recreation Park

In March this year our Trustee – Veterinarian Dr Roger Coley – joined COP’s investigation team for a week to see first hand the problems they are faced with.

They traveled to Sanggau, close to the Malaysian border with Sarawak, to Panjar Aji Recreation Park. Reports had been received of an orangutan being chained by the neck in this park and the aim was to improve conditions for these orangutans and check on their health. COP contacted the authorities for permission to enter the park who were more than happy to agree!

The journey to the Park took 5 hours by road from the airport. One of the biggest problems the Team experience in Indonesian Borneo is that it is such a vast place and travel is difficult on rough roads. Before they left they stocked up with bananas, melons and oranges for the orangutans and they also took some balls for them to play with.

On arrival they found the 2 youngsters living in a pit with no vegetation or trees and only a small concrete structure to shelter from the sun in. The chain was removed from Inuk’s neck and Dr Roger treated her wound while Dr Yenny took blood samples.

When the fruit and balls were given to the two Orangutan’s they couldn’t decide which they wanted the most! They were starving but desperately wanted the balls as well!

Pontianak Zoo

Chained in PontianakOn the second day the Team traveled to Pontianak Zoo where 7 orangutans which had been confiscated by the Forestry Department are housed. As there are no rehabilitation centres in this area they were given to the zoo to look after.

The conditions are not too good. The orangutans live in small cages without any protection from the rain or sun and looked very unhappy. Bottles of milk were fed to each orangutan which they loved and the next day the Team constructed a temporary roof to shelter them from the elements.

Fire Brigade Unit

The next port of call was just outside the town where two confiscated orangutans were awaiting relocation to a rehabilitation Centre. These two babies were to become our next Project!