Ape Crusader and Ape Defender

Hardi Baktiantoro, Director and Founder of the Centre for Orangutan Protection), has been sponsored by the Orangutan Appeal UK since COPs inception in 2006. The Appeal purchased the “Ape Crusader” for them some 3 years ago and with donations from our supporters we have been funding the vehicle and team that man it ever since.

The work of the young COP activist team has been recognised because of their brave and relentless efforts to save orangutans.  They travel vast distances across Borneo in the Ape Crusader to rescue orphan orangutans in the wild, as well as illegally held orangutans and those kept in appalling conditions in zoos.

We are extremely proud to inform our supporters that in June this year, Hardi received an award for Outstanding Contribution by Young Activists which has been dedicated to the Ape Crusader team at the Animals Asia Conference in China.

In front of 50 other organisations, Hardi stood and paid tribute to the COP team for their fearlessness in the front line whilst protecting the orangutans and their habitat.  He also gave special thanks to all of COPs donors and sponsors for placing trust in him and his team. 

Hardi said “My dream now is that when I return to Indonesia my own government will at last acknowledge the importance of saving our orangutans, before it is too late”

Orangutan Appeal UK are very proud to be working with COP, helping their vital, life-saving work, and as a result the Appeal have decided to sponsor a second 4 x 4 vehicle and team which will operate it under the name of “APE DEFENDER”! 

CONGRATULATIONS to Hardi, the Ape Crusader Team and all our supporters who have made this possible.