Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP)

Ape Crusader

The Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) is an Indonesian organisation founded by Hardi Baktiantoro. COP campaigns against activities that threaten orangutans and their natural habitat and aims to educate local communities on their plight. They also rescue orangutans and have saved many from plantations and those being kept illegally as pets.

OAUK begun supporting COP when it was founded in 2007. Over the years we have purchased two 4x4 vehicles (the Ape Crusader, pictured left, and the Ape Defender), for them to use for orangutan rescues, undercover operations and community awareness activities.

Cop Orphan

COP have now set up a brand new rehabilitation centre with the help of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, and OAUK. The centre is located in Berau, East Kalimantan, amongst highly diverse rainforest. It is therefore a great place for the orangutans to develop climbing, nesting and foraging skills! (pictured right is an orphan at the centre)

In April 2015, the first 13 orangutans which had previously been housed at KRUS Zoo arrived at their new home (as well as 6 keepers and a vet). The majority of orangutans that arrive at the centre take part in ‘forest school’ to learn how to climb and behave like wild orangutans, to prepare them for their eventual release into the wild. Unfortunately, some of the orangutans are unable to be released due to illness or old age so they will be cared for at the centre for the rest of their lives.

In July 2017, the first orangutans rehabilitated at the centre, two males called Nigel and Oki, were ready to be released. This was very exciting for everyone at COP and OAUK! Both had spent years in very small cages with minimal food before being rescued by COP and rehabilitated. Hopefully many more orangutans will follow in their footsteps and have a second chance at freedom.

Photo: COP staff members Inoy and Johny prepare food for the orangutans.

Cop Staff

Supporting the Centre for Orangutan Protection is just one of the many ways we help orangutan conservation. If you would like to support this and other projects that we run, you can donate to the charity by visiting our Donations Page Thank you.