Clinic Equipment

Clinic Area

The clinic at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre provides 24-hour care to injured and sick orangutans and other wildlife. It is an important facility which increases survival rates for members of this critically endangered species. Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is owned and run by Sabah Wildlife Department. Orangutan Appeal UK work closely with them and run projects at the centre. We have helped to provide the clinic with vital equipment over the years to improve diagnoses and treatment.

Performing An X Ray

The clinic has a resident vet, veterinary nurses and care staff, five of whom are funded by Orangutan Appeal UK. As well as treating orangutans who are on the rehabilitation scheme at the Sepilok centre they also work closely with the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU). The WRU respond to call outs about injured wildlife in the surrounding area and, if necessary, take injured animals into the clinic for treatment.

Sometimes orangutans can contract diseases such as malaria and melioidosis which can be fatal if left untreated. They may also experience injury from falls or conflict with each other and humans. With thier species on the brink, the clinic is critical to the process of rehabilitation and reintroduction of orangutans. By providing health care for individuals it is a vital facility for helping to conserve this critically endangered species.

Project Updates

X Ray Aprons Photo 2

OAUK were able to provide the clinic staff with more protective equipment for when they perform x-rays. Their old x-ray aprons and gloves had begun to degrade. If an animal is not sedated whilst having an x-ray up to three members of the team may need to be in attendance to ensure the animal's safety and well-being. It is very important that the staff are protected from x-ray exposure. Read more here.

Urine Test Strips

OAUK urgently purchased some urine testing kits for the clinic when an orangutan was brought in presenting serious symptoms of kidney, heart and lung disease which the vets needed to diagnose. We also purchased enough testing kits for the clinic to have a supply for any future need.

Archie In Hammock

Ongoing - Three of the youngest orphan babies in the indoor nursery at Sepilok were suffering from recurring bouts of diarrhea. This can be very serious especially for the smallest and most vulnerable babies. The vets decided to try them on a different formula made from goat's milk and this had a positive effect. Orangutan Appeal UK continue to purchase special formula for these three youngsters.

Tigers X Ray

OAUK was able to provide X-ray cassetes for use with a donated X-ray machine. Meaning that orangutans could be x-rayed on site and no longer had to be taken 26km to the nearest human hospital. Later, with the help of Hampton School in Surrey, we were able to provide an x-ray developer. Meaning that the whole process could take place on site. Read more here

OAUK funded the world's first cataract operation on an orangutan. Read more about this story here.

Cataract Surgery

We have also previously funded a custom made operating table, UV steriliser , surgical equipment , blood testing kits, haemoglobin readers, autoclave, water bath and walk-on scales.

We have also helped to improve the clinic facilities over the years including the areas listed below:

Sick Bay – A place was needed for the youngsters to stay when they got poorly to prevent them from passing their illness on to any other orangutans. A derelict room was completely refurbished complete with a rest area to enable a nurse or ranger to stay with the invalid overnight and provide 24 hour care if needed.

Intensive Care Unit – an area at Sepilok was needed where very sick orangutans could be given around the clock care. Large stainless steel enclosures were built and an air conditioning system installed.

Quarantine Ward refurbished – the floor-level, concrete quarantine cages were replaced with hygienic stainless steel cages with better ventilation and drainage systems.

Providing clinic equipment is just one of the many ways we help orangutan conservation. If you would like to support this and other projects that we run, you can donate to the charity by visiting our Donations Page. Thank you.