Conservation Apparatus and Equipment

OAUK is dedicated to the rehabilitation and conservation of critically endangered orangutans and protecting their rainforest habitat in Borneo.

As well as providing funding and support to the famous Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre we also support a number of other conservation projects across Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo.

Throughout the years we have helped to fund and provide vital equipment to assist with conservation work out in the field. This has included rescue vehicles, tracking equipment, walkie-talkies, and even drones.

Project Updates

Page 3 Wru Pledge And Presentation The New Wru Rescue Vehicles

2019 - Three rescue vehicles for the Wildlife Rescue Unit

The Wildlife Rescue Unit play a vital role in rescuing and translocating injured or displaced animals in Sabah. including saving the critically endangered orangutan and the Bornean pygmy elephant. Read the full story here

Tabin Camp

2017 - Equipment for staff camp at the Tabin Rainforest Reserve.

Some of the orangutans who have successfully completed Sepilok's Rehabilitation Programme have been released into the protected Tabin Wildlife Reserve. Our team have been tracking and monitoring them there to ensure that they can live successfully in the wild. To do this the team have a camp in the remote reserve where they are based whilst carrying out this research. OAUK have provided important equipment for the camp such as an automatic voltage regulator, solar lamps and a refrigerator.

New Vehicle

April 2016 - New Rescue Vehicle for Sepilok

In 2001 OAUK purchased a Land Rover Defender for Sepilok to carry out wildlife rescues. It was used extensively to rescue many orangutans and also other animals such as sunbears, snakes and even crocodiles. However, after many years of service the vehicle had become unreliable and needed to be replaced. After putting out an appeal we were able to provide the centre with a brand new Toyota Hilux in April 2016. Read more here


Tracking Equipment - OAUK purchased radio transponder implants for the orangutans on the Post Release Monitoring Project so that they could be tracked and monitored in the Tabin Reserve. (pictured left)

Photography Equipment Orangutan Appeal UK use photography as a way to communicate with the public in order to engage, educate, inspire and raise awareness of the plight of this great ape. Photography is one of the most useful tools available in conservation communication. Photographs can be employed to document, compare, educate and make visible issues that may otherwise be ignored. In order for OAUK to utilise this invaluable tool we require cameras and equipment that are suitable for use in tropical conditions. Our teams in Sepilok and Tabin Wildlife Reserve need to produce excellent visual images in support of their work so we have provided them with the equipment to do so.

Oauk Drone

2015/16 - Drones to help combat forest fires

In 2015 severe forest fires swept through Indonesia and threatened both people and wildlife. The orangutan's rainforest home was being lost at an alarming rate. OAUK gave support to the firefighting efforts by working with Borneo Nature Foundation. This included purchasing a quad-coptor drone which became an incredibly useful tool. It helped to locate fire hot spots from the air and enabled fire fighting strategies to be planned. Read more here

Plane Drone

In 2016, following on from the success of the first drone, we helped to support the construction of a custom-made fixed-wing (or plane) drone. This type of drone can fly much further and flight paths can be pre-programmed enabling the cheap and easy patrolling of large forest areas.

Tabin Land Rover

Vehicles for the Tabin Wildlife Reserve We purchased both a Land Rover in 2008 (pictured right) and also a Ford Ranger in 2010 for our work in the Tabin Wildlife Reserve tracking and monitoring released orangutans. Both of these vehicles are still being put to good use and have been crucial for transporting many orangutans when being rescued or released over the years.

Providing equipment is just one of the many ways we help orangutan conservation. If you would like to support this and other projects that we run, you can donate to the charity by visiting our Donations Page Thank you.