COP news Aug 2012

The Appeal has been supporting the Centre for Orangutan Protection (COP) in Indonesian Borneo for over five years - their dedicated director Hardi Baktiantoro has sent us his latest report.

After we received information about Roy, COP’s investigation team immediately conducted an investigation and indeed, Roy was being kept illegally as a pet.   He had been kept inside a tiny cage, in appalling conditions, for 10 years in east Jakarta. 
COP immediately reported this to the authorities and in April 2012, the rescue teams from (COP) and the Jakarta Natural Resources Conservation Center (BKSDA) joined together to rescue Roy from captivity. This confiscation needed to be well co-ordinated, and included a veterinarian from the Wild Animal Rescue Center in Jakarta.  Because of Roy’s size, he needed to be anaesthetized to enable the teams to move him without causing him too much stress.

The team had to work quickly, and with diplomacy.  Roy was moved to the transport enclosure and the team took Roy to the local BKSDA centre.
Whilst the team in Jakarta was successfully rescuing Roy, COP’s APE Crusader team in East Kalimantan had found 3 orangutans that are being illegally kept as pets in the Samarinda community.  Unfortunately, these three could not be rescued as the BOS Foundation have so many orphans they were unable to accept any new orangutans, and the East Kalimantan BKSDA has no appropriate accommodation for confiscated orangutans.  So sadly, there was no alternative but to leave these orangutans with the owners. 

COP and the BKSDA officials have agreed the need for the establishment of a wild animal rescue center as a matter of urgency and the Appeal would love to be able to help.   To be able to do this land needs to be purchased, which is very expensive in Indonesia and no organization has yet been found who has sufficient funds to be able to do this.  We can only spread the word that there is a desperate need for land or funds to be donated in East Kalimantan.  Perhaps an Appeal supporter may be found who could donate the funds or we may receive a legacy which would enable the Appeal to assist with the setting up of this much needed new Rescue Centre – we can only hope and in the meantime continue to do our best.

Orangutan Killers sent to prison

In May 2012 the Jakarta Globe reported:-Sangatta district court in East Kalimantan sentenced four people to between 6 and 10 months in prison for slaughtering two orangutans on two separate palm oil plantation companies.  Tajar and Tuill, employees of Cipta Prima Selaras, in Indonesian Borneo were each given a 10 month sentence and a  Rp 50 million (approx £2,000.00) fine while Lewsin and Tadeus, employees of Sabhantara Rawi Sentosa were each sentenced to 8 months in prison and ordered to pay Rp 25million fine.

COP gave witness testimony during the trial and later said that the sentence was very lenient and that the defendants who were charged with the killings were the field executors, not the management which it should have been. Without COPs involvement these men may never have been brought to trial.  The role of the courts to protect the orangutan is vital and could set a precedent for the future.

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