Education / awareness tour

Vip Tour 2005

In October we ran our second VIP Tour of the UK. Unfortunately, Mr Laurentius, the Deputy Director of Wildlife, had to cancel at the last moment due to his wife’s ill health. We were delighted to have his Deputy, Jum Raphia, step into his place and along with Dr Sen they gave some brilliant presentations and made the tour a roaring success.

The Tour visited Manchester, Roehampton University, Newcastle upon Tyne, Paignton Zoo and the Appeal’s home ground at Bookham in Surrey and all the venues were a sellout. Again we were very reliant on help from supporters to make the tour a success and would particularly like to thank Julie Fox, Katie Macdonald, and Rebecca McMullin for all their very hard work and Tony Russell who provided us with our “special guest” at Bookham. - Next year we are going to Scotland!