Education Project 2017

Education Photo

The Appeal has begun working on a new education project for 2017. This has been instigated with the help of our volunteer and former Liaison Officer Saph Gordon.

The project’s aims are to raise awareness about the plight of the orangutans and to inspire ongoing interest in wildlife conservation. We hope to do this by creating interactive and stimulating lessons; both in the UK and Malaysia. 

We intend to produce lesson plans for use in UK primary schools which will include a loan-out teaching kit. The interactive activities included will be learner centred to stimulate the students' enthusiasm. We are passionate about teaching younger generations to care for endangered species so that the work to protect them will continue well into the future. 

We are hoping to develop our ideas by speaking with UK teachers and gaining an understanding of the resources available in British schools. If you are a primary school teacher in the UK then we would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. If you can spare a few minutes to fill out our online survey then we would be very grateful. The survey can be accessed via the link below:

Education Questionnaire

In Malaysia, we plan to create a similar education programme for delivery at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre itself. Activities will be tailored to accommodate the needs of the centre and teaching resources would be translated into Malay for delivery to the local community.

We hope that our education programmes will help to promote awareness and inspire the next generation of conservationists and decision makers. The lessons will be informative but also a lot of fun!