Habitat Protection & Reforestation Project Update

Earlier this year we told you about how we were looking into supporting a small pilot project with Indonesian Scientist Achmad Yanuar.  The project’s aim was to investigate the potential for developing corridors for orangutans and other wildlife between two isolated forests in the Muara Kaman Nature Reserve in Indonesian Borneo.  This area is thought to hold populations of river dolphins, proboscis monkeys, storm storks and orangutans as well as many other species.

We have been delighted to be able to look at supporting a local initiative which is hoping to restore the orangutan’s rainforest home.

The project is now hoping to make long term plans for reforestation in several parts of Borneo and it has the potential to become quite a large scale venture.

OAUK have suggested some important issues for the project to consider. We believe it is important that the proposed areas are fully surveyed to find out how species rich they are. This is to ensure that the reforestation work would be taking place in regions where there are many plants and animals to preserve.

We also recommended that proper protection and patrolling of these areas should be implemented before reforestation work begins to ensure that illegal activity is not a threat to the species which the project is aiming to protect.

This is an ambitious and long term project which would require significant funding.  We are currently looking into how to develop this initiative to ensure the long term protection of the orangutans’ habitat.