Introducing Beryl August 2013


Introducing Beryl

The time the babies spend going through the complex rehabilitation process can vary, depending on how quickly each baby learns and what age they are when they are brought to the centre.  However, it normally takes up to 7 years and costs on average £1,500 per year.  When the exciting time comes for a baby on our adoption scheme to be released we endeavour to introduce you to a new adoptive baby….

Beryl was found crying and alone in a plantation by one of the workers. It was clear her mother was no longer in the area and could not return to her baby, so a call was made to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre who came to rescue her and to take her to her new life with the other babies in the nursery. 

You can adopt Beryl today and be a part of her journey.

SPECIAL ADOPTION OFFER – As a thank you for your continued support of the charity we are offering a special rate of £25 per year when you set up a standing order to purchase an adoption.  You can set the amount to come out monthly, quarterly or annually allowing you to break down the outgoing costs across the year.  This offer is only available to UK supporters.  You can download the Standing Order Mandate from our website, or email us at or telephone 01590 623 443 for a form or for further information.

YOU-TUBE FOOTAGE - Have you seen our new YouTube channel?  Check it out; it has some great clips of the orangutans out at Sepilok at the feeding platform and surrounding areas.  You may just see one or two you know and love.