Local Staff for Orangutan Rehabilitation and Re-introduction

Sepilok Staff 2

Orangutan Appeal UK funds eight dedicated staff members who have been recruited from the local community in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. They work directly with the orangutans to rehabilitate them and re-introduce them to the wild. If Sepilok was without these valuable, experienced members of staff it would severely impact on the orphan's progress and would dramatically delay their return to the wild.


Victor - has been employed by OAUK for over ten years. He is responsible for delivering the training programme for all of the juvenile orphans at the outdoor nursery at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. It is here that they learn all of the skills which they will need to thrive in the wild once released. They would have learnt skills such as climbing, foraging and nest building from their mothers for up to eight years. This means that the rehabilitation process is lengthy but vital and Victor has an indispensable role in getting Sepilok's orangutans back to the wild.


Bonny - has worked for the Appeal since 2014. He specialises in caring for the younger orangutans at the clinic who require constant care and attention. He also looks after the babies in the indoor exercise enclosure, which is where they are first introduced to the climbing apparatus.


Pamik- works in the quarantine area at the centre. This is where orangutans are held if sick, or recovering from treatment, to ensure that there is no contamination or cross infection. Pamik also works with the released orangutans who live in the rainforest reserve surrounding Sepilok. He and Bonny visit the feeding platforms to monitor the health and condition of the orangutans who use them.


Lineker - has worked for OAUK since 2006 in his role of Research Supervisor and now OAUK Ranger Supervisor. He played a vital part in our pioneering Post Release Monitoring Project in the Tabin Rainforest Reserve and leads a team of Rangers and Research Assistants. Lineker currently works at the Outdoor Nursery helping the juvenille orangutans through the final stages of their rehabilitation.


Arnold - is a Ranger and Research Assistant who works with Lineker and has helped with assessing the success of rehabilitated orangutans in Tabin. He works alongside Lineker and the team at Outdoor Nursery.


Rico - is also one of our Rangers and Research Assistants who has been with us since 2012. He also worked alongside the Wildlife Rescue Unit assisting with wildlife rescues and working with the orphaned elephants who also live at Sepilok.


Sylvester - Has been working for OAUK since 2010 and is also a Research Assistant/Ranger who worked alongside the WRU.

Employing staff from the local community has many advantages. They can bring their expert knowledge of the local area, environment and wildlife to their roles and it also means that we are helping to build capacity in the local community.

Providing jobs in conservation helps to create incentives for local people to conserve and protect orangutans and other wildlife and can enhance the perceived value of a career in conservation.

Providing staff at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is just one of the many ways that we help orangutan conservation. If you would like to support this and other projects that we run, you can donate to the charity by visiting our Donations Page. Thank you.