Orangutan Appeal joins forces with COP and BOS to Rescue Orangutans

Needs To Be Rescued

In February 2008 the Forestry department on the North coast of West Kalimantan confiscated a baby orangutan. Two months later they received another rescue baby. These two babies have been waiting in a transit camp in a town called Pontianak for help to transfer them to a Rehabilitation Centre where they would have the chance of being reintroduced to the wild.

COP were contacted and asked for help but unfortunately, there is no rescue centre in West Kalimantan, and those in Central Kalimantan were full. Whilst a solution was being sought, a third baby was confiscated in a small town in Southern Kalimantan . The Natural Resource Conservation Agency (BKSDA) had been caring for the babies and were now very keen for COP to rehabilitate them.

Caleb starts his journeyIn May Nyaru Menteng Rehabilitation Centre, which is run by BOS, said they would be able to take the 3 babies at the beginning of June but it was not going to be easy to get them there and it would be costly. It was agreed that the Appeal would assist COP and BOS in transferring the babies to the Centre.

Plans were started to be made, and permits applied for. On 5th June it was all systems go. As there are no connecting roads Caleb, the baby from the South, was taken on an 8 hour boat journey to Pontianak . Caleb would be spending the night with Frengky and Thomas at the transit camp before their flight the next morning to Jakarta .

Arrive at the airportNext day it was a 7am start for the COP team and Yenny, COP’s vet. All three babies were loaded into their carrying crates and left for the airport. Everything was in order with the customs and our three very important passengers were loaded onto the plane. They arrived in Jakarta safely and were transferred to their onward flight to Palangka Raya. On their arrival COP’s vehicle “Ape Crusader” was waiting to take them on the last leg of the journey to Nyaru Menteng, the BOS rehabilitation centre.

Yenny gets helpYenny tells us “When we arrived at the centre all three babies were fine. They were all put together in a big enclosure and they were so happy. It took only a minute before they started playing together”.