Nonong's Enclosure - Project Update

In the last edition of the newsletter we announced that after two years of fundraising, Nonong’s purpose built enclosure was finally complete and ready for her to take up residence. We are delighted to say that since moving into her new accommodation in September 2014 Nonong has settled down very well and is in good health. The larger enclosure has meant Nonong is able to get a lot more exercise which is helping her to stay at a healthy weight, and it provides much needed enrichment for her.

The enclosure has also been developed to give her the added bonus of her own garden extension, which allows her to experience more of her natural environment and provides her with the best quality of life possible. The added space also means Nonong has more room for guests to visit, so she can have some much needed play time with her orangutan friends. Although she is always sure to let them know when they have outstayed their welcome by simply climbing into her hammock and taking a nap! Thank you again to all of our supporters who made this possible!