Rescue Vehicle Update

New Vehicle Wilma

Earlier this year we told you all about the new rescue vehicle which OAUK donated to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre in May 2016. Having a reliable vehicle is vital for Sepilok so that they are able to carry out rescues and releases of orangutans and other wildlife.  When the old vehicle was no longer operational OAUK was pleased to be able to provide a new one and ensure that this vital work could continue.

Providing a new vehicle for Sepilok would not have been possible without the help of our wonderful supporters, therefore, we would like to give you all an update on how the vehicle has been used since it was donated to Sepilok .

It was put to good use straight away when female rehabilitant orangutans Rosalinda and Ganang were taken from Sepilok to the Tabin Reserve to be released. Since then, it has also been used to rescue and release some wild orangutans who had come into the centre for treatment. They include a large adult male and a mother with her baby.  Sepilok not only provides veterinary care for the resident orangutans at the centre but for any wild orangutans that are also in need.

Most recently an adult male orangutan who was found on a plantation was brought in to the clinic at Sepilok for a veterinary check-up. Having been found to be fit and healthy the vehicle was again used to translocate him to the Gomantong caves region in Lower Kinabatangan for a release in to a more suitable wild environment.

The vehicle has also been utilised to rescue some macaques and other wildlife.  It has even provided assistance to chase a wild elephant back into the safety of the rainforest when he had ventured into a more urban area and started to cause trouble.

Having this vital piece of equipment on hand really is so important for caring for the wildlife of Sabah. Thank you everyone for your donations, they really do make a big difference.

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The Rescue Vehicle Project is one of the many projects we run to support orangutan conservation.  If you would like to support projects like this you can donate to the charity by visiting our donation page.