Sepilok Update


Following the success of our documentary series “Meet the Orangutans”, which was shown in the UK in March on SKY, we had so many requests from viewers to be able to adopt Peanut. So it is by popular demand that orphan baby Peanut has now joined our adoption scheme!

Two year old Peanut starred in the Animal Planet documentary series and won over everyone’s hearts with his story of survival. Peanut is a very sweet natured and playful orangutan who is just one year into his rehabilitation at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. He has had a lot to overcome in his short life but with your continued support we hope that eventually he will be returned to the wild.

To adopt Peanut please visit our adoption page


Sepilok’s feeding platform in the Kabili Reserve can sometimes attract the occasional wild-born orangutan for a free meal. One such visitor is adult male Jonkey who has recently been seen travelling through the area. Thought to be about 17 years old, Jonkey is an impressive male with unmistakable thick, curly hair. Although a fairly infrequent visitor, he has recently been spotted with his good friend Ceria – often having a wrestle and establishing just who is the strongest!


Ceria, who as a youngster was kept as a pet and fed on a terrible diet of condensed milk and sausages, is now a teenager and has an attitude and defiant naughtiness to match. He’s the resident ‘delinquent’ and has a huge appetite for mischief. He’s supremely interested in the human goings-on at the Centre and studies visitors and staff intensely, waiting for the next opportunity to wreak havoc.

During the filming of ‘Meet the Orangutans’ he gave chase to Sue Sheward, founder of the Appeal. He cared not one bit that she had dedicated the last 15 years of her life to help save his species – for Ceria, Sue was fair game and when shouting at him didn’t work she had to make a dash to escape his clutches! Although Ceria usually sets his sights on pretty blonde women, he’ll make just as much mischief for male visitors too. Only recently he managed to pull down a gentleman’s trousers!

One of his most celebrated antics was when he and a gang of other adolescent orangutans raided the Centre’s café… Ceria managed to open the ice-cream freezer and grab some treats which he then handed out to his mates. Sharing is caring; so beneath all the naughtiness he has a kind heart!


At the end of May 2015, nine year old orangutan Cinta, who lives in the Kabili forest surrounding the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, arrived at the clinic with a suspected broken arm. She was immediately taken to the local hospital for an x-ray, and Dr Laura’s suspicions were confirmed that Cinta’s arm was indeed broken and had to be placed in a cast. However, it wasn’t long before Cinta had figured out how to remove her cast, forcing Dr Laura to give her a replacement!

After her second cast was securely fitted, Cinta was then placed in a treatment enclosure to restrict her movement during the healing process. The Sepilok carers take Cinta outside every day so she can get some fresh air and to relieve her boredom of being kept indoors. They will continue to do this until she is able to climb again and return to the forest.

Update - we are pleased to report that Cinta has recovered well and is now out swinging again in the trees