Sepilok Update



Sepilok’s latest thief, 7 year old Wulan has been up to her old tricks again, hanging around on the boardwalk waiting for easy prey. Despite telling visitors not to get too close and definitely not to stop in front of her, one man didn’t listen and lost his cap. If that was not enough, this naughty young orangutan even tried to steal our Liaison Officer’s camera!

Wulan is experienced in making herself a nest high up in the trees which is a good sign she is nearly ready for release from the outdoor nursery. She is very good at climbing but if the big females are around she will come down to the ground to be ready to run and then will make her escape into the jungle, returning after about 20 minutes once the coast is clear.


New Romance

Mimi who is one of the dominant mature females living on the reserve has recently been seen with a new wild male who has been named Yonkey. Unusually, Yonkey recently ventured outside the reserve, and was sitting in the trees near the centre’s reception. Rangers encouraged him back into the reserve and suddenly realised why he was acting in this unusual manner – it was because his latest friend Mimi was happily feasting on the bamboo nearby. So it is possible there is a new romance developing between them. If Mimi becomes pregnant in the near future it is likely that Yonkey will be the father.

Mimi_1.jpg?mtime=20161209184706#asset:42 Yonkey.jpg?mtime=20161209184705#asset:42

Clenan and Awantang

Clenan and her young son Awantang have been seen regularly at the feeding platform recently. The youngster is now two and a half years old and his mum is beginning to give him

some independence to move away from her and develop his climbing skills out on the ropes and branches. Lately, she is allowing him to be as much as 3-4 metres away from her but she rarely takes her eyes off him.

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We believe Mariko is approximately four months pregnant and she is looking very well. It appears that her appetite is growing as much as her tummy. Lately, she seems to prefer eating at Outdoor rather than the main feeding platform.


Ceria and Poogel have formed a new bond of late.. They have been making numerous visits to the feeding platform and Ceria is keeping everyone on their toes, reminding the visitors who is really in charge there!

Boogie Boy

Boogie Boy is a 5 year old male living at the outdoor nursery and is known to be very independent.  He is progressing really well with his climbing and moving about in the forest. He was spotted at the main feeding platform several times this week and on his last visit he had an altercation on the rope with Mimi which ended with her throwing him into the bushes. Thankfully he was unharmed apart from having hurt pride and he made a quick exit back to the Clinic and he’s not been seen there again since. It is likely that it will take him a few weeks to regain his confi dence before he attempts to visit the platform again.