The Camera Project

Community Outreach

PROJECT UPDATE: As of July 2016 we have been able to purchase valuable photographic equipment for use by our team in Tabin and Sepilok. 
Our sincere thanks to The Keith Ewart Foundation and Sandakan Foto (Sabah) SDN BHD.

We look forward to sharing our images with you on our website, newsletter and social media sites.





Our objective is to produce high quality photographic images for use in publications, newsletters and communications with the press, our existing supporters and the general public on a local and international scale.

Photography is one of the most useful tools available in conservation communication.   Photographs can be employed to document, compare, educate and make visible issues that may otherwise be ignored. In order for OAUK to utilise this invaluable tool, cameras and equipment that are suitable for use in tropical conditions are necessary.  Our teams in Sepilok and Tabin Wildlife Reserve need to produce excellent visual images in support of their work.

Our budget for this project is £2,220.  With this we would wish to purchase:

- 2 x Professional Cameras suitable for use in a tropical climate

- 2 x Waterproof Bags

- 2 x Dry Cabinets


The Camera is one of the many projects we run to support orangutan conservation.  If you would like to support this and other projects that we run, you can donate to the charity by visting our donation page