The Fire-Fighting Project - Update

Ou Trop 2

Orangutan Appeal UK have been supporting the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop) to help carry out their vital work since 2012.  We support not only the team but also provide essential equipment.
OuTrop works to protect large forested landscapes in Central Kalimantan, which contains several of the most important remaining populations of the Bornean orangutan.  They do this through programmes of habitat conservation, forest restoration, community engagement and research, with the main aim on protecting wild orangutans in-situ in their natural environment.

Last year we were able to purchase a drone which proved invaluable during last year's devasting fires, helping fire-fighting teams to identify fire hotspots and optimise fire-fighting strategies. With the wet season underway and the fires abated the drone is now being used to map areas that burned last year and assess the extent of the damage. 

We are also continuing to provide funding for a community-based team of fire-fighters and aim to ensure that the the Sabangau Community Patro Team is as well prepared and equipped to fight fires as possible, to best protect this remarkable ecosystem and its globally important orangutan population.


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