The New Rescue Vehicle Project

In 2004, Orangutan Appeal UK purchased a Land Rover 4x4 for Sepilok. This vehicle is essential and often makes the difference in saving the life of injured and orphaned youngsters.  It is used not only to carry out rescues and releases of orangutans, but also for successful translocations, and for the rescues of other wildlife such as macaques, gibbons and sunbears.  It is very useful when there is necessary maintenance work to be done at the Centre.


The Land Rover is a crucial piece of equipment at Sepilok which they just cannot manage without, but as it is now over 10 years old, breakdowns are frequent, and as a result the rescue of vulnerable baby orangutans needing our help can be put in jeopardy.   We must help to replace this vehicle.


To improve Sepilok’s ability to respond to urgent rescues, the Appeal are now looking to raise funds for a brand new vehicle, the total cost of which is £25,000. A reliable vehicle which is capable of accessing  hard to reach and remote areas of rainforest is essential to save more lives.

PROJECT UPDATE: We are delighted to announce that in April 2016, thanks to our wonderful supporters and The Turney Charitable (Animal Welfare) Trust, we were abe to purchase a brand new rescue vehicle for the centre!


The New Vehicle Project is one of the many projects we run to support orangutan conservation.  If you would like to support our projects you can donate to the charity by visting our donation page