Veterinary Nurse

Ibri Doing Health Check

One of our eight dedicated staff members at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is our Veterinary Nurse Ibritinah. Ibri has over 13 years experience of working with the orangutans at Sepilok. She ensures that round the clock care is provided to orangutans at the clinic, and she is able to confidently deal with minor medical queries and problems, leaving the vet to deal with more serious cases.

Illnesses such as diarrhoea and malaria, and injuries from fights with other orangutans are common, and can be fatal if left untreated. However, Ibri is able to confidently treat and care for orangutans suffering with injuries and illnesses such as these.

Ibri also performs regular health checks, assists in surgery, takes x-rays, helps with vaccinations, administers medication and worming treatments, prepares food and is instrumental in the day to day care of the orphans.

Ibri Doing Health Checks

The average age of orphaned orangutans coming to the centre is between 1-2 years, being this young they would not yet have been weaned from their mother’s milk. Therefore Ibri’s knowledge of the correct diet for each orphan is crucial to their growth and development.

Employing a Veterinary Nurse from the local community has many advantages. Ibri can bring her expert knowledge of the local area, environment and wildlife to the role and it also means that we are helping to build capacity within the local community and improve the perceived value of a career in conservation. Providing jobs in conservation helps to create incentives for local people to conserve and protect orangutans and other wildlife.

Ibri is passionate and professional and a very much valued member of the team. She is instrumental to the care and wellbeing of Sepilok's orangutans and helping them to get back to the wild.

Providing a dedicated veterinary nurse is just one of the many ways we help orangutan conservation. If you would like to support this and other projects that we run, you can donate to the charity by visiting our Donations Page. Thank you.