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You can help support, encourage, nurse, treat and save these amazing creatures. Each and every project we fund and support makes a difference to the lives of the orangutans. You can be part of that. Show you care and donate today towards one of these vital projects

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The Bucket Project to provide orphaned baby orangutans a secure space to sleep so they feel safe and calm....Download here

Veterinary Nurse Project to help provide much needed care and support for the orphaned babies....Download here

Training Co-ordinator Project supports the development and training of the orangutans to make sure they are safe and progeressing towards their eventual release back to the wild...Download here

New Rescue Vehicle Project is essential for the everyday running of the centre, rescue, release and translocations....Download here

Post Release Monitoring Project (PRMP) into research making sure the recently released orangutans are adapting to their new environment in the Tabin reserve...Download here

OuTrop Firefighting Team Project to protect the Sabangau Forest region in Central Kalimantan...Download here

Clinic Equipment Project helping save lives on a daily basis providing 24hr care and treatment for all the orangutans at Sepilok...Dowload here

If you would like to support these and other projects that we run, you can donate to the charity by visting our donation page

Watch clips of why these projects are needed below:

  • Peanut Finds a Friend in Bery l - Watch now
  • Life outside Orangutan Rehabilitation - Watch now
  • Time to weigh the orangutans at Sepilok - Watch now

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