Elephantine vandalism

Post Release Monitoring Research - Update

The ultimate goal of the rehabilitation process is to produce young orangutans that are suitable for release back to the wild. Sepilok having achieved this with our help and the Appeal is eager to find out how well these orangutans cope with their new found freedom and a couple of years ago set up a Post Release Monitoring Project. The results of this research will benefit every rehabilitation centre!

Michelle Gives The Thumbs Up

New Jungle Gym

<strong>The Appeal’s first project back in 2002 was to provide an exercise enclosure for the young orphans in Sepilok’s nursery. Over the years we have updated this facility and our latest project in the nursery is the addition of a new ‘Jungle Gym’</strong>.

Suzanna Tabin

Post-release monitoring research update

<strong>In 2006 the Appeal set up the post release monitoring project to identify any deficiencies which existed in the current rehabilitation process.</strong>

Kerrie With Guard

Appeal supports COP rescues

<strong>COP’s director and founder, Hardi has sent this heartbreaking report on 4 captive orangutans which are being held in disgusting conditions in West Kalimantan so we can understand exactly what it is like! </strong>


Latest Release at Sepilok

In spring 2008 5 of the young orangutans which had been living in the nursery at Sepilok were ready to be released into the Kabili forest which surrounds the centre. Each orangutan had a very different history.


New Exercise Enclosure for Sepilok

Over the last six months the Appeal has been invloved in funding many projects for Sepilok. We have again sponsored the vet and vet nurse for another year at the centre, provided new veterinary equipment, carried out extensive repairs to the night nursery and purchased a new washing machine. We have maintained the 4 wheel drive Land Rover and provided the centre with Broadband internet access to improve communications. But best of all we have replaced the exercise enclosure which was our very first project in 2001. Over the years the metal had corroded and so this time we have provided it in stainless steel - costly at £15,000, but it should last a long time!


Naru Makes it In the Wild - Update on Naru, Rosalinda and Anekara

It has been 8 months since Naru, Rosalinda and Anekara took their final steps along the rehabilitation program at Sepilok, and were released into the rainforest reserve surrounding the centre. In this time all three have made great progress and have continued to expand their skills by watching and learning from the older orangutans already living independently in the reserve.

Needs To Be Rescued

Orangutan Appeal joins forces with COP and BOS to Rescue Orangutans

In February 2008 the Forestry department on the North coast of West Kalimantan confiscated a baby orangutan. Two months later they received another rescue baby. These two babies have been waiting in a transit camp in a town called Pontianak for help to transfer them to a Rehabilitation Centre where they would have the chance of being reintroduced to the wild.

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