Legacy Donations

Leave a lasting legacy..."Their life is in your hands"

Your compassion and care is invaluable to the orangutans in Borneo that face a daily struggle to survive. Leaving a legacy donation to Orangutan Appeal UK will mean that our efforts to protect the orangutan species will continue long into the future.

Much of our income comes from the generosity of people like you, whether it is through adoptions, donations or taking part in fundraising events. It may be surprising to know though that the vast majority of charitable income comes from people leaving legacies to them in their wills.

In a recent survey, it was discovered that 74% of the UK population support charities, and when asked, 35% of those say they would happily leave a charitable gift in their Will once their friends and family have been provided for. The problem is, only 7% actually do leave a legacy.

By supporting a small charity such as Orangutan Appeal UK, every single donation makes a huge difference to our vital and life-saving work. Please keep us in mind when thinking about your Will and perhaps discuss the subject with your family and friends, and then maybe when the time comes, you’ll consider leaving a charitable gift in your Will to help the work of Orangutan Appeal UK continue on.

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Video message from Orangutan Appeal Patron and TV presenter, Ian Wright
How legacies help our work
Supporter’s Story
How to leave a legacy
Important legacy information
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Video message from Ian Wright

How legacies help Orangutan Appeal UK

Billeder Fra Sepilok April 2008 Mappe 2 763

Here are some of our major projects which your legacy donation would help to support.

Continue our essential work rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing orphaned orangutans - Your gift would allow us to continue our work at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. At the centre we fund major projects such as the building of a new nursery and exercise enclosures for the babies, as well as funding the placement of a UK vet and full time Malaysian Veterinary Nurse who keep a watchful eye over the babies at the centre. This work is important as orphaned orangutans that do not get proper care and rehabilitation will not survive on their own in the wild, which seriously damages an already decimated population.

Dr C Treating Baby Ceria On His Arrival

Research Projects – Your gift will allow us to continue our research projects, most importantly our project of monitoring released orangutans. This research is ground-breaking and involves pioneering the use of telemetry tracking devices on released orangutans. This allows us to create reports on behavioural, eating, breeding habits of released orangutans and with this knowledge we have a greater understanding of orangutans and how best to protect them.

Hope  Enjoying Some Of Tabins Local Delicacies

Build stronger partnerships with other orangutan organisations - Your gift will allow us to keep supporting fantastic organisations such as the Orangutan Tropical Peatland Project (OuTrop). We provide vital funding to these groups as their projects to help orangutans are not only extremely important, but also well-planned, effective and very professional.

Eyos  Having A Whale Of A Time In Tabin

Since 2012 we have provided supported the OuTrop Firefighting Team who work to protect large forested landscapes in Central Kalimantan, which contain several of the most important remaining populations of the Bornean orangutan.

Supporter’s Story

Wendy Knipe

Wendy Knipe has been a supporter of Orangutan Appeal UK since 2011 having heard about us when she first visited the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah, Borneo.

Having supported us in various ways, such as through adopting baby orangutans and volunteering as a collection box volunteer, Wendy decided to leave something lasting to the charity - a legacy. This will ensure future funding for Orangutan Appeal UK and its projects that help save the orangutan species.

Here Wendy talks to us about why she has chosen to leave a lasting legacy.

I have always loved orangutans and am horrified at the human activity which is destroying their habitat and their lives. We cannot let this magnificent animal, which is genetically so close to us, become extinct

On seeing a wild orangutan for the first time, Wendy describes how she

wept with joy; I felt humbled, privileged and so very happy to see this beautiful creature in his own environment

Wendy has chosen to leave a legacy with Orangutan Appeal UK as she has seen first hand the work that is being done by the charity at the Sepilok Centre, and says that “it is vital that the work to rescue and rehabilitate these wonderful animals continues” even after she is gone.

Salle Dare has supported Orangutan Appeal UK since 2006 when she heard about our adoption scheme and decided to adopt one of the baby orangutans being looked after at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah, Borneo. Salle supports Orangutan Appeal UK in various ways and she decided in 2008 that she wanted to leave something that would secure future funding for the charity, a legacy. Here Salle talks to us about why she has chosen to leave a lasting legacy.

I wanted to make a small contribution towards the preservation of these animals. I know so many species are endangered [...] and you can’t support them all. I have chosen to support orangutans because I have seen them in the wild and feel their extinction would be tragedy

Salle was lucky enough to see orangutans in the wild where they truly belong while on a visit to Borneo and she describes how she found the experience

amazing and felt privileged to have seen them in the wild

Salle is joining our cause as she does not want to be one of the last generations to have witnessed orangutans surviving in their natural habitat.

Wendy and Salle’s commitment to the charity is incredible, and we need more similar minded people like them to make a lasting impact in the world of orangutan conservation.

How To Leave Your Legacy


If not, but you would like to, please follow the steps below.

  • Start by listing all your assets this includes property, money, bonds and investments as well as any other items that are valuable to you.
  • Make a list of family, friends and loved ones and anyone else you wish to include in your Will. You must list their full names and addresses.
  • Decide what you would like to leave to each of these people.
  • Your may wish to leave a legacy or donation to an organisation or charity such as ours – Orangutan Appeal UK – Charity No. 1138538. New Forest Estate Office, Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst. SO42 7RL, UK.
  • You will need two executors for your Will, who will ensure your instructions are carried out. They can be friends or family or a professional advisor.
  • Give all of these details to your chosen solicitor who will draw up a Will for you. (Note that a ‘home-made’ Will may be ruled invalid by the courts.)
  • Finally, you will need to sign and date your Will in front of two witnesses.

If your circumstances have changed significantly it may be best to create a completely new Will.

If you wish to make an amendment or addition to your Will, you can do so with a codicil form.

A codicil is a simple way to make a change or addition to your Will.

If you would like to leave a legacy to the Orangutan Appeal UK, but have already made a Will, a codicil is an inexpensive way to do so.
You can download a Codicil Form here.

Important Legacy Information

Types of gifts you can leave as your legacy

A residuary gift is leaving a residue of your estate (once your primary commitments are met) to your chosen beneficiaries. You may wish to leave the total residue to one beneficiary or you can divide and share the residue between a number of beneficiaries. Suggested wording to leave a residuary gift:

“I give _____% of my residuary estate to the Orangutan Appeal UK, New Forest Estate Office, Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst. SO42 7RL, UK. Registered Charity Number 1138538.”

A pecuniary gift is a stated sum of money to be left

Suggested wording to leave a pecuniary gift:

“I give £_____ to the Orangutan Appeal UK, New Forest Estate Office, Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst. SO42 7RL, UK. Registered Charity Number 1138538.”

Amendments to your Will by Codicil

If you have already made a Will but would like to include the Orangutan Appeal UK as a beneficiary you can ask a solicitor to help you complete our enclosed codicil form.

Please make sure that you sign the codicil in front of two separate witnesses.  The following people cannot act as a witness:

  • Your executor or their spouse
  • A beneficiary or their spouse


A Pledge informs us of your intentions but is in no way legally binding.  If you would like to pledge please fill out the Pledge Form included in the Legacy Information Pack or you can download a Pledge Form here.  Any information given is completely confidential but helps us to keep track of those who support our cause.

Need to find a solicitor?

You can find a solicitor in your area who specialise in Wills by contacting The Law Society by either:

Telephone: 0207 242 1222 Website: www.lawsociety.org.uk

Contact us

For more information on leaving a legacy please call us on 01590 623443 and ask to speak to the charity manager or email manager@orangutan-appeal.org.uk and we will be happy to answer any questions and can send you out a legacy information pack.

If you are planning on leaving the charity a legacy, it is entirely a private matter which we completely respect. However, it is extremely useful for us to know if you are intending on leaving a legacy and we would be very grateful if you could complete a pledge form and return it to us. You can download a Pledge Form here.

Gold Supporters

At the start of autumn 2013, Orangutan Appeal UK launched a Gold Supporter scheme which is for people who are long term and dedicated supporters. Gold Supporters receive exclusive six month updates from the charity founder Sue Sheward MBE as well as exclusive invites to special events in the future.  Anyone who pledges a legacy to Orangutan Appeal UK will automatically become a Gold Supporter.