10 pack of Compostable Potato Starch Mailing Bags

Compostable Mailing Bags

Pack of 10 eco-friendly mailing bags made from compostable potato starch.


Delivery to UK + £1.85 p&p
Delivery internationally + £6.00 p&p

Join us in the fight against plastic.

Due to the positive feedback which we have received about our eco-friendly mailing bags, we have decided to add them to our online shop for you to be able to purchase too.

These ones are made of potato starch and, once used, they can be disposed of with green waste or used to line your food waste caddy. They are 100% compostable and will fully break down into natural components.

Size C4+ (Suitable for size A4 papers)

250mm wide x 350mm long. 40 micron thickness

*Please note that these mailing bags are semi-translucent due to being starch based*