Mother's Day Gift of Love and Care

Ibri And Babies

Show your Mum how much you appreciate her this Mother's Day with this unique and thoughtful present. Buy her the gift of love and care for an orphaned orangutan.


The orphans at Sepilok have lost their mothers so they depend on human carers for guidance and comfort in their mother's place. Your Mother's Day gift can help towards paying for our five Malaysian care staff who are vital for giving the vulnerable babies at Sepilok round the clock care.

Once purchased we will email you with a special Mother's Day edition certificate which you can give to your Mum on Mother's Day. The certificate will explain how her gift could help orphaned orangutans and will feature the following message:

"Happy Mother's Day! I have given you the gift of love and care for an orphan orangutan baby"

This gift supports our projects in Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo including helping to care for the orphans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. The money that you and our other kind supporters spend on Gifts for the Orangutans will support the full range of Orangutan Appeal UK’s work. Thank you!

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