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Children's book by actor and zoologist Hugh Holman. The Almost Animals is where Hugh's fascination for natural history meets his bizarre imagination.

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A gloriously quirky tale about a crocogator searching for acceptance in Elsewhere. Everyone has heard of crocodiles. Everyone has also heard of alligators. But have you heard of a crocogator? How about an orangupanda or a deerkat? Or a rhinuffalo? These, and other marvellously peculiar creatures, are THE AMINALS! They are animals, they are just a bit mixed up. Angle is a crocogator. But she has a problem. She doesn't fit in with the other aminals. The thing is, a crocodile looks rather like an alligator, and an alligator looks rather like a crocodile. So she doesn't really look like an aminal at all. Angle decides that she must leave Nowhere, the cliff-side village of the aminals, and venture into Elsewhere. But does Angle belong anywhere?

Aimed at reading age 7+ but will delight ‘read to’ children from 5 upwards.