Virtual Good Gift Card - £10

10 Bananas Virtual Gift Card

Your gift of £10 can buy a whole month’s supply of bananas!


The Virtual Good Gift Card makes a great present.  We will email you a certificate stating your donation which you can then print off or forward to a friend or loved one.

Orangutans at the Sepilok Rehabilitation centre are taught how to forage for their own food, so that when they are released into the wild, they will be able to feed themselves, which will be crucial to their survival. To help this, during the rehabilitation program and at the feeding platforms, orangutans are fed bland foods such as bananas, which encourage them to search for tastier options and learn to create their own meals.

Your gift of £10 can help to keep the orangutans fed, while being a part of the greater plan to get them back to the wild.

Your donation will contribute towards one of our many projects to support orangutan conservation including caring for the orangutans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre .  To read more about our projects please visit our Projects page.