Virtual Good Gift Card - £20

Enjoying The Bucket

Your gift of £20 can buy an orangutan at Sepilok, a bucket to sleep in!

The Virtual Good Gift Card makes a great present. We will email you a certificate stating your donation which you can then print off or forward to a friend or loved one.


In the wild orangutans will build new nests to sleep in every day high up in the rainforest canopy. When they are young, they will share a nest with their mother until they have learnt how to construct one for themselves. At Sepilok, the orphaned babies are too young to make their own nests, so the Appeal provide rubber animal feed  buckets for the babies to have a comfortable night’s sleep. The shape of the bucket helps to replicate that of a nest, giving them the sense of security they would have felt if they were still sharing one with their mother.

Your gift of £20 can help make an orangutan feel safe and secure whilst sleeping, while they are going through their rehabilitation programme.

Your donation will contribute towards one of our many projects to support orangutan conservation including caring for the orangutans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre .  To read more about our projects please visit our Projects page