Virtual Good Gift Card - £20

£20 Virtual Certificate

Your gift of £20 can buy ONE months supply of food for an orangutan at Sepilok including Sugarcane, Long Bean, Sweet Potato, Guava and Watermelon!

The Virtual Good Gift Card makes a great present. We will email you a certificate stating your donation which you can then print off or forward to a friend or loved one.


In the wild, orangutan mothers would forage for food for themselves and for their baby. At the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre, the babies are motherless and so rely on human carers to provide them with food. The orphans are fed foods, such as bananas, sugar cane, sweet potato, guava and watermelon. In the wild, orangutans will eat more than 400 different plant species, so their diet at Sepilok is kept intentionally limited and fairly bland to encourage the orangutans to go out on their own and forage for all of these tastier options.

Your gift of £20 can help to keep the orangutans fed and healthy, while they are going through their rehabilitation programme.

Your donation will contribute towards one of our many projects to support orangutan conservation including caring for the orangutans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre . To read more about our projects please visit our Projects page