Virtual Good Gift Card - £50

Ibri Doing Health Checks

Your gift of £50 can help pay for vital veterinary equipment for Sepilok’s Clinic.

The Virtual Good Gift Card makes a great present. We will email you a certificate stating your donation which you can then print off or forward to a friend or loved one.


The clinic is a vital part of the rehabilitation programme at Sepilok and having the right equipment to care for the orangutans is crucial. The Sepilok staff ensure that 24/7 care is provided for the orangutans, including routine heath checks, giving vaccines, taking care of any injuries and assessing and treating disease.

Orangutan Appeal UK provides essential equipment for the clinic and your incredible gift of £50 can help continue to fund this essential work.

Your donation will contribute towards one of our many projects to support orangutan conservation including funding Sepilok's clinic. To read more about our projects please visit our Projects page