Virtual Good Gift Card - £50

50 Vgc Ranger

Your gift of £50 can pay for one Malaysian research assistant for one week to track released orangutans at the Tabin reserve.

The Virtual Good Gift Card makes a great present. We will email you a certificate stating your donation which you can then print off or forward to a friend or loved one.


Once orangutans are released from the rehabilitation program, they go into the Kabili Reserve that surrounds the centre, and then some are translocated on to the Tabin Rainforest Reserve. This reserve is twice the size of Singapore and is home to many orangutans that are monitored by Orangutan Appeal UK primatologist James Robins, and his local team of Malaysian research assistants. Using the data collected, the team can learn about how rehabilitated and released orangutans function in the wild so that they can understand better the needs of orangutans and report on how processes can be improved.

Your incredible gift of £50 can help fund the team that are out there now doing this essential work.

Your donation will contribute towards one of our many projects to support orangutan conservation including our PRMP project .  To read more about our projects please visit our Projects page