Liaison Officer

Lo Jess

OAUK appoints a voluntary Liaison Officer at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre. They are recruited in the UK and each complete a three month long placement in the role.

The person in this position is responsible for promoting awareness of the plight of the orangutans, educating visitors and raising vital funds for the charity. They communicate with visitors about the work of Sepilok and how the centre collaborates with OAUK. They also educate visitors about how they can help in the fight to save orangutans. They give daily presentations and meet and greet visitors.

The LO also runs our adoption scheme at Sepilok and helps visitors to spot the individual orangutans from the viewing areas. They tell people all about the orangutan's individual characters and how they came to be at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre.

The Liaison Officer is the face of our charity in Borneo and performs a very important role for us, helping us to spread our message and gain support. This makes them a vital project for us to fund.

Providing a Liaison Officer at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre is just one of the many ways we help orangutan conservation. If you would like to support this and other projects that we run, you can donate to the charity by visiting our Donations Page. Thank you.