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Orangutan infant hanging by arm on ropes at Outdoor nursery

Protecting the critically endangered orangutan

Made possible by your support, we aid orangutan rescues, rehabilitation, population preservation, and habitat protection.

Orangutan infant hanging on rope with one leg hanging off of the rope.

Our new website

Our decision to embark on this brand refresh was driven by our commitment to increase awareness and reach out to new supporters who share our passion for orangutan conservation.

What we do

Welcome to Orangutan Appeal UK

  • Rescue & Rehabilitation

    Rescuing orphaned, injured & displaced orangutans, and providing care and rehabilitation to prepare them for a return to the wild

  • Education

    Raising global awareness about the orangutans’ plight to inspire a sense of responsibility and empathy to encourage active involvement in their protection

  • Conservation

    Helping preserve the orangutans’ natural rainforest habitat through protection and restoration, safeguarding their future

Four young orphaned orangutans in a wheelbarrow on their way to forest school
Alagu the orangutan high up in a tree.
Infant orangutan staring into the camera.

Help make a difference

Adopt an Orangutan

  • A small female orangutan staring up at the sky.


    Hujan is a sweet-natured and playful female who was born at Sepilok in 2019. She's grown in confidence and is an excellent climber.

  • Nami looking up


    Nami is a confident and independent female, who is eager to learn and adapt to new challenges. She was 18 months old when she arrived at Sepilok in 2019.

  • A young male orangutan at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.


    Archie has been at Sepilok since 2014 when he was a new born. He's known for his gentle and patient nature and is good with the younger orangutans.

  • infant orangutan at Sepilok.


    Agop is an adventurous and friendly female, who arrived at Sepilok in 2022 aged 1. She loves exploring, trying new foods and playing with her friends.

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