Orangutan Baby Adoptions

Adopting an orangutan is an excellent way to help us raise funds for our current projects and get something back in return for your support.

For NEW adoptions, your postal pack will include a personalised certificate, full history profile of your chosen baby, two glossy photographs, a CD with exclusive footage of your baby, a newsletter, a shopping bag and the choice of either a mouse mat or an orangutan finger puppet.

For RENEW adoptions, your postal pack will include a personalised certificate, an update on your adoptive baby, two glossy photographs and an Appeal newsletter.

You can also make your donation go further by opting for an e-adoption to receive your NEW or RENEW adoption pack digitally via email. *

Whether you choose a postal or e-adoption, all adoptive parents will be sent a six month update on their baby’s progress, plus two new photographs and the next Appeal newsletter.


Select an e-adoption to receive everything via email

Deluxe Adoption

All of the same information you get in the standard adoption plus our medium sized toy and your choice of a either a mouse mat or shopping bag.

Child pack

Need something different for your kids? Entertain and educate with our great child adoption pack

From just £30 a year you could help get an orangutan back to the wild!

£30 + p&p renew
£37.75 + p&p new
Also available e-adoptions and Deluxe Adoption Packs

We are pleased to announce that Gelison has now been released to live independently. Read more here

We are also delighted to announce that Peanut has made the decision to live freely and independently in the wild. Find out more here

How supporting OAUK helps orangutans:

  • Funding projects that enable the rehabilitation of orphan, injured and ex-captive orangutans
  • Supporting the local community and educating local schools
  • Employing local staff at Sepilok and Tabin
  • Translocating orangutans back to their natural habitat to boost the wild population numbers
  • Provide emergency health care
  • Funding firefighting teams to conserve and protect peatland
  • Funding the Post Release Monitoring Project to support reintroduction
  • Raising awareness about the plight of the orangutan

How your adoption is helping make a difference:

Your £37.75 a year could:

  • £5 can buy one week’s supply of milk for two baby orangutans at Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre
  • £10 can buy one month’s supply of bananas for a baby orangutan.
  • £15 can buy vitamins for eight baby orangutans for one week
  • £20 can buy one month’s supply of food including sugar cane, long bean, sweet potato, guava and watermelon for an orangutan.
  • £50 can pay for one Malaysian Research Assistant for one week to track the rehabilitated orangutans in Sepilok Reserve and Tabin Rainforest Reserve
  • £100 can pay for our Malaysian Veterinary Nurse for one month to care for the young baby orangutans
  • £150 can pay for equipment needed for the Appeal’s Post Release Monitoring Project such as a pair of walkie talkies to replace standard whistles being used by the Malaysian Research Assistants in the rainforest.

* Shopping bag and mouse mat not included. No postage cost included with an e-adoption

Your donation will contribute towards one of our many projects to support orangutan conservation including caring for the orangutans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre . To read more about our projects please visit our Projects page.