Orangutan Baby Adoptions

All adoptions last for one year

NEW adoptions - choose from standard or e-adoption which include a certificate, history profile of your baby, two photographs, a CD with exclusive footage and a newsletter. Postal packs also contain your choice of gift.

RENEW adoptions - after one year can renew your adoption. Postal and e-adoption packs include a personalised certificate, an update on your adoptive baby, two photographs and a newsletter.

E-ADOPTIONS make your donation go further and are a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way of receiving your adoption information.

For all adoption types you can choose to receive a child's pack, which comes with educational activity sheets. Suitable for children up to 12 years old.

All adoptive parents will be sent a six month update on their baby’s progress, plus two new photographs and the next newsletter.

Standard Adoption

Certificate, baby story, two photos, CD footage of your baby & newsletter. Plus a shopping bag & either a mouse mat or an orangutan finger puppet. £37.75 + p&p


A digital adoption pack sent by email includes a certificate, baby story, two photos, link to footage of your baby & newsletter. £37.75

Recently Released orangutans

Thanks to your help, these orangutans have recently been successfully released in to the wild: