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Our vision is simple:

To protect the orangutan from extinction and preserve its rainforest habitat.

To do this: we rely 100% on funding from voluntary sources.

We make sure: 75 - 80 pence from every pound raised goes directly into our projects. The rest funds the charity framework which enables these projects to happen.

How: One way that people choose to donate is by leaving a gift in their will. This is an easy way to help with no immediate cost to you. It is also a wonderful way to be a part of our vision and to leave a lasting impact for future generations of both orangutans and people!

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We understand that those closest to you will always come first but did you know that a charity gift in your will can be a set cash sum or just a small percentage such as 1%?

If you decide that you would like to add a gift to orangutan conservation into your will then every gift, whatever the size, makes a big difference towards our goal of ensuring the long term survival of orangutans.

We know that this will be a carefully considered decision and we will be happy to provide as much information as you need about our work. Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. We will answer them quickly and honestly.

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Our Promises

  • We will always respect your privacy and won’t put you under any pressure.
  • We will answer any questions that you may have quickly and reliably.
  • We understand and respect that your loved ones will come first and that circumstances can change.
  • We promise to use your special gift with care.
  • You do not have to tell us about your intentions to leave a gift but we like having the opportunity to say thank you.

It is very simple

Making a will is much easier and less costly these days than many people might imagine. It is also the best way to ensure that your loved ones will be provided for and that you can retain freedom of choice regarding your assets.

The wording for your will

Should you come to the decision that you would like to leave a special gift to Orangutan Appeal UK then below is some suggested wording which you can pass onto your legal advisor.

Dangling Down

To leave a percentage: I give _____% of my residuary estate to Orangutan Appeal UK, New Forest Estate Office, Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst. SO42 7RL, UK. Registered Charity Number: 1138538

To leave a cash gift of a specific amount: I give £_____ to Orangutan Appeal UK, New Forest Estate Office, Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst. SO42 7RL, UK. Registered Charity Number: 1138538

If you have an existing will and would just like to add a gift to Orangutan Appeal UK then there is an easy way to do this. Simply fill in this Codicil Form and pass it to your legal advisor. It will act as an addition to your existing will.

Inheritance Tax

Charity Gifts in your Will and Inheritance Tax

If UK residents leave a gift to a UK registered charity in their will, such as Orangutan Appeal UK, then it will be exempt from inheritance tax. If you leave a gift to a non UK registered organisation it is unlikely to be exempt.

For more information on inheritance tax seek the advice of a solicitor or accountant or visit the HMRC Website


We love to hear from people who have pledged to leave a gift to Orangutan Appeal UK so that we have the opportunity to acknowledge your dedication to our cause and can keep you updated on our work. Please fill in this pledge form if you would like to let us know about your intentions.

The pledge form is in no way legally binding and we understand that you may later decide to make changes to your will.

It is not a problem if you would prefer to keep your gift private and we completely respect your wishes if this is your decision.

A word from Orangutan Appeal UK Founder – Susan Sheward MBE

When I first saw an orangutan in Gerald Durrell’s Wildlife Park on Jersey I was captivated by their presence and immediately wanted to find out more about them. I read as much as I could about this endangered species and watched endless videos of the rainforest of Borneo. In 2000 I had the opportunity to visit Borneo on holiday so I contacted Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and asked whether I could volunteer for them. They had not received such a request before but agreed to let me help out. Back then, the facilities were very basic and it was clear that they did not have enough funding to provide the orphaned orangutans with what they needed to thrive and become independent enough for release into the wild. I was determined to help change this. When I returned home I started raising funds in any way I could.

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My commitment to help led to the establishment of a fully registered charity in 2001 - Orangutan Appeal UK had begun.

I am very proud of everything that the Appeal has achieved so far, from building new facilities and enclosures, to employing care staff. We have also funded projects throughout Borneo including ground-breaking research and teams who battle forest fires.

We are currently working on several projects to preserve the orangutan’s rainforest habitat and we also continue to support Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.

I dedicate my life to orangutans and as long as I can help them, I will.

I would be honoured if you would like to join me in securing the long term future of the orangutan. We must not let this amazing cousin of ours disappear forever. Imagine if our grandchildren could only learn about rainforests and orangutans in their history lessons. The lives of the orangutans are in all of our hands.

Sue Sheward MBE

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For more information on leaving a legacy please call us on 01590 623443 or email We are happy to answer any queries you may have.

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