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About Hujan

Hujan is a sweet-natured and playful female who was born at Sepilok in 2019. She's grown in confidence and is an excellent climber.

Born to a semi-wild orangutan, Hujan’s mother was unable to produce enough milk to feed her baby. In order to save her life, Hujan had to be hand reared and given round-the-clock care. After a few months she was able to join the other orangutans in the nursery. She is making remarkable progress and her rehabilitation journey is paving the way for her to live a fulfilling life as a wild orangutan.

How adoptions help

Symbolic adoptions are an engaging way to contribute towards conserving the critically endangered Bornean orangutan by following the progress of a rescued individual at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre.

Your contribution will go towards supporting various projects and initiatives which are all aimed at protecting and preserving these animals and their habitats in Borneo. This approach means that all the orangutans at Sepilok receive support and allows us to allocate resources where they are needed most, including rescue efforts, habitat restoration and our education and outreach programme.

We receive regular information from our care staff at Sepilok on each orangutan's progress, this allows us to provide you with a progress report on your adopted orangutan every six months.

For more information about how six-month updates work.

New Adoption £40


Who is the adoption for?

Is this adoption for a child?

Children receive colouring and educational activity sheets.

How would you like to receive your adoption pack?

If post, delivery charges apply.

Symbolic orangutan adoption.

Include cuddly toy?

No additional cost.

Orangutan soft toy

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