Meet our fundraisers

Our vital work wouldn’t be possible without support from our wonderful fundraisers. From marathons to count the sweets competitions, if you are looking for inspiration or ideas of how to help, read all about our fundraiser’s efforts here.

Great North Run

The Great North Run is held in September every year and is the biggest Half Marathon in the world! Over 57,000 runners take to the streets to run from Newcastle city centre to the coast at South Shields. The Great North Run is our most popular running event and when asked what sets this run against all the others, the reply is the fantastic atmosphere and team spirit on the day!

Sam Timmons Gnr

Having already taken part in the Appeal's virtual run, Sam Timmons went a step further and took on the Great North Run.

What was your event highlight?

The Great North Run 2018 was on a warm sunny day in September. A lot warmer and sunnier than a lot of people had expected. The volume of runners and crowds on the way to the start line was beyond anything I expected. It seemed the whole North East would be joining us on the road. Pre-race nerves quickly faded as I got talking to the people around me in the starting gates, and the atmosphere got more and more infectious. Wine gums and ice-pops from the packed spectators we passed along the route, hearing people encouraging you by name as you passed, and a thousand high-fives carried me through, and I know I wasn't the only one. The final mile along the seafront we were borne along by the noise of spectators 10-deep along the road, giving me the final boost to get me under the timing clock and across the line. Many thanks to everyone who has supported me and Orangutan Appeal UK and, it really was a tremendous experience. On to the next challenge!

London Marathon

After a visit to Sepilok Dale Schultz wanted to raise some vital funds for the orangutans and managed to secure the Appeal's only London Marathon space.

What was your event highlight?

Small Dale Schultz Orangutan Appeal Uklondon Marathon 1

The marathon was certainly a tough one today, the heat and sun were unrelenting, but with a lot of positive mental attitude (much of which was induced by thoughts of Orangutan Appeal UK and orangutans in general) I was able to cross the finish line and claim a finisher's medal. It was a very difficult run and I had to drastically alter my pace and strategy, but in the end, it was all about raising money for the orangutans and finishing the marathon for them, goal achieved!

The British 10K

Kevin Cutler ran the British 10k at Westminster with the goal to beat his personal best time. The extreme weather conditions throughout the summer made the race an extra challenge!

What was your event highlight?

Kevin Cutler British 10K 2 Permission Yes

The big day had arrived and it was amazing to see the 15000 entrants heading to the bag drop zone beside Trafalgar square. So many charity running vests and an amazing atmosphere. I then headed up the mall and down to the start line. The organisers then proceeded to give us a warm up on the big screen which was certainly not needed as the temperature was 27 degrees by 9:30am!! The race was started by former GB gold medalist Dame Kelly Holmes and then we were off!! The first mile was ok and done at a good pace of 8:30 a mile but the heat gradually got me as the run wore on! The crowds on the way were simply amazing! So supportive. My running vest with an Orangutan on was getting some attention and positive comments! The final bend towards the finish near Piccadilly circus was such a buzz! The cheering crowds and the sense of London at its best. I allowed myself a little fist pump before crossing the line. Running is always a mental battle for me due to a heart birth defect that affects me. I finished the run in 58 minutes. An effort that I was pleased with in the heat. A superb day running a fabulous race to raise funds for a great charity. Orangutans of Borneo. That was for you!

Bournemouth Marathon

Having learnt to run in 2010 and gradually building her running experience, Cathryn Spiller decided to finally take on the ultimate challenge - a full marathon!

What was your event highlight?

Cathryn Spiller Medal Picture

I came late to running and I still cannot believe I can run. I hated PE at school and got bullied and teased for being totally useless at it, so I guess that is why it thrills me so much to be entering races and enjoying all the thrills of race day. The atmosphere at the start of a race is electric. I love the hub-hub and the routines you go through before you set off. The race itself was hard at times but time went surprisingly quickly. The route was glorious, and the weather was kind. We had sunshine all the way and the sea views were awesome and helped to keep those tired legs moving. We ran both Boscombe and Bournemouth piers and the finish line was soon in sight. I took nearly the whole time allowed for the race and finished in 6.27 38 but that did not matter because finishing was the goal. It was an important part of my journey as a runner and I loved every single minute of it, so much so that I can honestly say: “I wanna do it again!”

Treks and Adventure Fundraising

If running isn't for you there are plenty of ways to get active and help the orangutans. Robert Slater had high hopes for his climb of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo to raise funds for the orangutans, and the spectacular views didn't disappoint.

What was your event highlight?

Robert Slater Mt Kinabalu 6

Looking back on it, it was absolutely brilliant, extremely difficult at times but so rewarding when I reached the summit. The first day was about 30 degrees hiking up to the base camp lodge then we woke up 2am (I was already awake as couldn’t sleep because of the altitude) and summited where the temperature got to about -2, -3. My legs were like jelly for the last few hours due to the crazy amount of steps and my knee gave way but managed to push on and get to the bottom with my amazing guide. Malaysian people are so great! I did visit sepilok after the mountain and saw all your guys amazing work, everyone was so nice and what an experience!

The Opportunities Are Endless

You don't have to get out of breath to fundraise for the orangutans. The only limit really is your imagination. From cake sales, 'wear it orange' days and even sponsored beach cleans, there are so many opportunities to choose from.

Louise McCutcheon and friends held a yoga day event with three yoga classes, vegan food and tea and a raffle - and put the FUN in fundraising!

COMING SOON - Get Active for Apes

Small Orangutan Jennah On Paddle Board 02 2018 6

Run, walk, swim, cycle, climb – you choose the activity, distance and location. It couldn't be simpler!

Whether you prefer jogging with your dog or getting out on a paddle board, Get Active for Apes suits everyone. Keep a look out on our website and Facebook page more details coming soon...