Clinic Equipment

Clinic Equipment Certificate


The clinic is a vital part of the rehabilitation programme at Sepilok and having the right equipment to care for the orangutans is crucial. The Sepilok staff ensure that 24/7 care is provided for the orangutans, including routine heath checks, giving vaccines, taking care of any minor injuries and assessing and treating disease. Orangutan Appeal UK provides essential equipment for the clinic such as an X-Ray machine and developer and also funds a dedicated veterinary nurse named Ibri. Your incredible gift can help to continue to fund this essential work.

Once purchased we will email you with a certificate about your Gift for the Orangutans.

If you are purchasing a Gift for the Orangutans as a present on someone else's behalf then feel free to forward the certificate onto them or print it out.

This gift supports our projects in Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo including helping to care for the orphans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. The money that you and our other kind supporters spend on Gifts for the Orangutans will support the full range of Orangutan Appeal UK’s work. Thank you!