Hammock Certificate


In the wild orangutans will build new nests to sleep in every day high up in the rainforest canopy. When they are young, they will share a nest with their mother until they have learnt how to construct one for themselves. At Sepilok, the orphaned babies are too young to make their own nests, so staff provide hammocks for the babies to have a comfortable night’s sleep. The shape of the hammock helps to give the sense of warmth and security they would have felt if they were still snuggled up to their mother. Although this can’t ever be replicated it is surely the next best thing!

Once purchased we will email you with a certificate about your Gift for the Orangutans.

If you are purchasing a Gift for the Orangutans as a present on someone else's behalf then feel free to forward the certificate onto them or print it out.

This gift supports our projects in Malaysian and Indonesian Borneo including helping to care for the orphans at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. The money that you and our other kind supporters spend on Gifts for the Orangutans will support the full range of Orangutan Appeal UK’s work. Thank you!