A Big Step for Peanut

When Peanut was just a year old he found himself alone and afraid in a plantation near the Kinabatangan river. Although his mother had been seen, the workers gave Peanut some space aware that his mother may return. Poor Peanut was not used to being on his own as baby orangutans spend all of their time with their mothers, often for the first 8 years of their life. When it became apparent that Peanut's mother wasn't coming back, the plantation workers knew they had to contact the Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre.

Peanut Banana

During his 6 years on the rehabilitation scheme, Peanut has faced some tough times and was plagued with illness in his early years. Recently though, Peanut has grown in strength and confidence and took the step to move to the Outdoor Nursery at the beginning of 2017. Being around the older and semi-wild orangutans here has had a profound impact on Peanut and he has flourished with his lessons and his skills have developed.

Peanut Energetic

Peanut's confidence has grown so much that when his friend Gelison was taken deeper into the Kabili Reserve adjacent to the Centre, Peanut decided to follow him. While some young orangutans take many years to develop the skills they need for their release into the wild, others make the choice when they are ready and make their own decision to venture into the forest. The orangutans at Sepilok are free to come and go as they please and Peanut has decided he is ready for his next step and an independent life in the wild.

We are delighted that Peanut has made this big step and we are confident that with all the skills he has learnt, and the fantastic developments he has made, he will thrive and have a happy and healthy future. Peanut has been on the adoption scheme for several years and we hope his supporters have enjoyed watching his journey.