Beryl begins her life in the wild

Beryl Engaging

Weighing just 3.5kg when she was found on a plantation, lost and alone and crying for her mother, Beryl was very frightened when she first arrived at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in 2012. After she was examined by the vet, she was wrapped in a soft warm towel and tucked up in a hammock and would receive a lot of TLC before being introduced to the other orphans.

During her seven years at Sepilok, Beryl has blossomed into a confident and capable young orangutan. Known as the nursery’s sweetheart, her caring and friendly character has delighted both staff and visitors. Her willingness to help some of the smaller, less confident orangutans has made a huge difference to youngsters such as Koko and Alagu, teaching them skills and giving them encouragement with their climbing as well as helping to show them what foods to eat.

Beautiful Beryl

Over the last few months, Beryl has been spending much more of her time in the rainforest surrounding Sepilok and has decided for herself that she wants to live independently in the Kabili reserve. Beryl has learnt all the skills she needs to thrive, her excellent foraging abilities will be essential for finding food no matter what time of year, as trees bearing fruit can sometimes be scarce, especially during the dry season. Her ability to fashion umbrellas out of leaves to prevent getting soaked in a downpour will also come in handy, especially as Beryl does not like getting wet!

We hope you are as delighted as we are that she is now living wild and free in the forest where she belongs.