Chairlady Sue Sheward visits Borneo for new filming project

Sue And Sylvia Being Filmed

We were delighted when Sabah Wildlife Department approached our Chairlady Sue Sheward and asked whether OAUK would be able to make a new information film to show to the thousands of people who visit Sepilok each year.

This was a great opportunity for us to showcase what an amazing partnership OAUK has developed with Sabah Wildlife department and all of the wonderful projects that we have achieved together over the years.

Visitors to Sepilok currently see a film which was made by the appeal over ten years ago so it is fantastic that we have had the opportunity to update this and make it more relevant for today. Much has changed in that time including the status of the orangutan being upgraded from 'at risk' to 'critically endangered'.

Phil Sue John 05 2017

Our first priority was to make sure that we found a producer who understood the importance of the work being carried out at Sepilok and had the passion to be able to put our story across. There was one name which immediately sprung to mind and that was producer Phil Stebbing who made the wonderful Meet the Orangutans series with us. Phil was only too happy to oblige and a trip to Borneo was on the horizon!

Months of planning ensued, permits were applied for, healthchecks were undertaken and a filming team was put together.

Sue met with producer Phil in Borneo in May 2017 and filming begun. Two of our other ambassadors were also keen to get involved. Award winning Malaysian photographer Cede Prudente was able to share his expertise.

The filming trip was a great success and we have some beautiful footage of the orangutans and their habitat to share with you all. The film is due out in October and will also be available to purchase in our online shop so please watch this space!

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