Chikita finds her freedom

Chikita Finds Her Freedom

Chikita was one of the smallest babies that has ever been rescued and brought into Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre. She arrived in November 2010 and was estimated to be just one month old. This is why the staff gave her the name Chikita meaning ‘tiny’.

Fast forward to now and Chikita has come a very long way and is certainly no longer tiny! She has grown into a beautiful young adult orangutan. Her rehabilitation progress has certainly had its ups and downs but despite taking a little longer than her nursery-mates she has been becoming gradually more and more competent as time has gone by. Sepilok's dedicated staff have helped her to develop the skills which she needs for independence and she has learnt in her own unique way.

We are therefore delighted to announce that Chikita has finally taken the big step of graduating into the rainforest reserve and has found her freedom.

The rangers recently introduced Chikita and her friend Kolapis to the forest platform which is located deep in the Kabili rainforest reserve which surrounds Sepilok. The two friends remained near to the platform for a few days before starting to explore the forest around them more and more. During this time they were monitored by Sepilok’s experienced rangers and were seen to gain in confidence and move further away into the reserve.

We are so pleased that Chikita has made this big step and we are confident that with all the skills she has learnt, she will thrive and have a happy future. The rangers will still continue to keep an eye out for her in the reserve.

Chikita has been on our adoption scheme for quite a few years and we hope that her adoptive parents have enjoyed following her journey to freedom. We would welcome them to consider adopting another youngster so that they can watch them as they follow in Chikita’s footsteps.