New Home for Nonong

In 2012 Orangutan Appeal UK began fundraising for a new project to help a very special orangutan at Sepilok named Nonong.

Nonong was brought to Sepilok in 2003 by a plantation worker at just 1 year old. After passing her initial quarantine period she began progressing well as a happy and healthy orangutan through the rehabilitation process with great prospects for release.

Sadly, at four years old, Nonong contracted cerebral malaria which left her permanently paralysed in her left arm and prone to suffering from fits and mild seizures. This meant that Nonong would be too vulnerable to survive in wild so would never be able to be successfully released, and so she has become a permanent resident at Sepilok.
As Nonong grew, her current housing became less suitable for her and the stress of being moved in and out of her small enclosure daily would occasionally bring on seizures. After a visit to Sepilok in 2012, Chairlady Sue Sheward decided that Nonong urgently needed a new enclosure.

Project “Nonong’s Plight” aimed to raise enough funds to provide Nonong with a new and larger home to give her a more comfortable living environment with enough space to climb, forage and live as close to a natural existence as possible.

In September 2014 this became a reality for Nonong when after two years of fundraising for the £20,000 needed for the project her new enclosure was complete and she was moved in to her new home. The new enclosure has changed Nonong’s life and by the looks of things she couldn’t be happier!

Orangutan Appeal UK want to say a huge thank you to all of our supporters who have made this possible for Nonong. She is a beautiful and playful orangutan who loves nothing better than relaxing in her hammock and taking a snooze. The enclosure has meant that Nonong can enjoy a new quality of life at Sepilok which wouldn’t have been achievable without all of your dedication and support!