Orangutan Appeal UK collaborates with The Wildlife Rescue Unit

Wru Oauk

A major conflict between humans and elephants has been occurring in the Telupid area of Sabah since December 2017. Elephants have been wandering in the area and causing damage to crops and property. Some of the larger males have also been acting aggressively towards the local people. This is a difficult scenario which can pose risks to both the local people and the elephants so something needed to be done.

Sabah Wildlife Department's, Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) stepped in to help the situation along with the assistance of EcoHealth Alliance and Orangutan Appeal UK. Intensive elephant control was conducted throughout January and February 2018 however, despite these efforts, the elephants were still roaming the area at the end of February. 

The decision was taken to capture and trans-locate the elephants to a different area to prevent more damage to crops and property and stop the risk of any elephants being harmed by villagers trying to protect their homes and livelihoods. 

Five elephants have now been trans-located and two of them were fitted with GPS tracking collars prior to release which were provided by Danau Girang Field Centre.

Orangutan Appeal UK is proud to have assisted the WRU with this operation and to have helped achieve a positive outcome for the people and elephants involved. This is a collaboration which can have great results for the local wildlife and community of Sabah so we look forward to continuing this partnership.