Orangutans at threat of Coronavirus

Staff at Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre are putting their own lives at risk to care for the vulnerable orphaned orangutans. They are working round the clock with hugely limited resources to feed and protect these innocent creatures. Increased hygiene standards have been put in place to try to mitigate potential transmission of the virus. This carries its own problems as vital equipment such as gloves, disinfectant and face masks are in severely limited supply.

Sabah Wildlife Department’S Wildlife Rescue Unit Thumb

Susan Sheward MBE, founder and chairwoman of Orangutan Appeal UK said “This disease could be fatal for the already critically endangered orangutan, it is a risk that we cannot afford take. OAUK will do everything it can to make sure that the orangutans at Sepilok stay healthy and safe.”

What is happening in the world is devastating. When this is over what will be left? We cannot control the virus but we can make a difference to the lives of these animals. They are relying on us to save them.

Habitats are being destroyed, or devastated by fire, but we CAN make a difference. This scared female orangutan was found clinging to a lone tree in a stark wasteland of what was once her rainforest home. The Wildlife Rescue Team (supported by Orangutan Appeal UK) came to her rescue in her extreme time of need.

Without orangutans, the ecosystem within the rainforest stands little chance of survival. Without a suitable rainforest home, orangutans will become extinct in the wild. Without the orangutan, the lungs of the earth will struggle to breathe.

With every day that Sepilok is closed, vital funds are being lost, staff may not get paid. This loss of essential funds could have a devastating effect.

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