Orphan Gelison has been released!

Gelison Then And Now

We are pleased to announce that Gelison has been released! 

Gelison was rescued in 2010 when he was estimated to be just eight months old. He was found alone on a plantation with no sign of his mother. The workers who found him arranged for him to be safely transported to Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre where they knew that he would receive the very best care and attention. He had two wounds on his head so the staff thought he and his mother may have been attacked by wild dogs, leading them to become separated. He was also dehydrated because he had not had his mother's milk for a while.

Gelison was given his name which means 'Warrior' and he certainly proved to be a little fighter.

Once he was nursed back to health at Sepilok's clinic he was put onto the rehabilitation programme. He was taught essential skills which he would have learnt from his mother, such as how to climb and forage. Once he was old enough, he was moved to the Outdoor Nursery area with more access to the forest for a gradual transition into a life in the wild. 

It was recently decided that Gelison was competent enough in the skills which he needs to survive independently. He has therefore been released into the rainforest reserve surrounding the centre. It will be tough adapting to his new life in the wild but we know that he has been given a great start by the Sepilok team. This is a big step and we are wishing him well. 

Gelison has featured on our adoption scheme for a while and we will be sending final updates to all those who currently adopt him when their six month update is due. They will be able to find out more about this exciting development. We invite them to consider adopting another orphan on the scheme such as little Archie to help more orphans to complete their journeys back to the wild like Gelison.