Release statement for orangutans "Sen" and "Ceria" June 2012

Ceria Needing Encouragement

We have some fantastic news!!


Orphan orangutans Sen and Ceria, who have been part of our adoption scheme for quite some time, have recently been assessed by the Chief Wildlife Ranger at the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre and I am delighted to say that they have both passed as being ready for the next stage of the rehabilitation process.  This means that they have now  been released into the Kabili Reserve which surrounds the Center and are just one stage away from their return to the wild.

The two youngsters have achieved a good level of climbing expertise and are capable of making nests in the trees, which is essential for them to be eventually released back into the rainforest.  They are also learning how to forage for their food and which plants they can eat and which to be wary of.  Sen and Ceria are now roaming free in the Kabili Reserve and are able to visit a feeding platform on the edge of the forest to supplement their diet if they need to.

This is a vital stage in their rehabilitation as they need to grow in confidence and perfect their survival skills in readiness for their approaching freedom.

Our research assistants and rangers have been monitoring Sen and Ceria’s activities since their release to ensure they are coping well.  We can confirm that they are flourishing in their new rainforest home!

We hope you are as delighted about this news as we are.  The decision was made very swiftly by the Centre’s Rangers as the conditions were perfect, but it did mean that we were unable to let our supporters and their adoptive parents know about their pending release until this point in time.  Our apologies for any confusion this may have caused.

Sen and Ceria’s success means that they will no longer be on our adoption scheme!

You will be given the option of adopting one of our other babies on the scheme on the one year anniversary of your adoption.  They are all just as loveable and we hope you enjoy following their progress in the years to come. 

With kind regards the orangutan team (:(])

See photos of Ceria being shown where he can find additional food if he requires it and also the rangers showing him the way as he takes his first steps towards independance.