Sepilok is closed to the public

Sepilok Closed To The Public

Due to the spread and threat of COVID-19 (coronavirus) the Malaysian government has taken the decision to close Sepilok to the public in order to protect the orangutans, staff and public for the foreseeable future.

Orangutans share 96.4% of the same DNA as humans. This means they are susceptible to many human diseases. Protocols are already in place at Sepilok to minimise this risk. There have not yet been any reported cases of transmission of COVID-19 from humans to orangutans. This could, however, be a possibility and one that must be taken very seriously. It is vital that everything possible is done to protect the critically endangered orangutan.

The centre will need our help more now than ever.

With no tourists visiting there is no income to help towards the costs of clinic and care staff. Vital equipment such as gloves, masks, disinfectant and medical supplies are in short supply and prices have escalated.


Help us tackle this crisis and protect the orangutans that are under threat from this devastating disease.

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