Thank You Alpine Coffee Shop & Gallery!

Alpine Coffee Shop team photo

The Alpine Coffee Shop is one of the most popular cafes in North Wales. It is owned and run by artist and environmental conservationist Jacha Potgieter and his wife Gywn, who have been supporting Orangutan Appeal UK since 2014. Jacha was appointed as a Director of Orangutan Appeal UK in August 2020.

Jacha and his amazing staff are dedicated advocates for wildlife conservation and are passionate about educating the public about global conservation issues; taking time to talk to customers and inspire them with ways they can help. Their commitment and hard work during these challenging times has been unwavering and has helped to generate further support for Orangutan Appeal UK and the other charities they collaborate with, including Ape Action Africa.

For many years Jacha has committed much of his time to great ape conservation. He takes part in fundraising events such as climbing Kilimanjaro, conducts educational talks to schools, as well as raising funds through his businesses. This includes donating a percentage of sales from his own design t-shirts, food sales from the café and his pizzeria, merchandise, collection boxes, a specially commissioned orangutan beer, and Jacha's stunning artwork.

In 2021, Jacha and his team raised an incredible £10,000 for Orangutan Appeal UK.

We give our heartfelt thanks to Jacha, Gwyn and their team of hardworking staff, and of course their wonderful customers for helping us to make a difference to these beautiful endangered apes.

Thank You Alpine Coffee Shop 21